Chapter 7

As I helplessly stood rooted to the spot, I saw James lower his head, and start to smell Elizabeth’s hair. She tried to turn her face away from him, but he held her down fast, using his own body to pin her to the couch. As he started running his hands over her hair and face, he marveled at what he saw. “You really are easily one of the hottest creatures I’ve ever seen. And after I’ve had time to train you up, you’ll be one hell of a sex kitten. Now, stop struggling so much. If you are a good girl, I promise not to do any ‘permanent damage’ to you.”

“James, please stop this.” Elizabeth pleaded, “Kathy, why are you allowing your own boyfriend to do this? Why don’t you stop him? It's wrong!” Elizabeth also looked at me with her pleading expression, and I was about to rush up when again Kathy restrained me with a firm push against the wall. “Remember what I said. Do anything, and it will get ugly for everyone,” she warned. I could only look on helplessly at my angel being violated in front of me. But deep inside of me, I felt my groin tighten, and excitement began to build inside of me.

James started to smell her face, pushing his face right into hers. As she desperately tried to twist her own face away, she could only grimace in disgust when she felt his nose and lips pressing in against her cheek. “You smell really good, baby. I wonder how Joon managed to control himself with you. I would have broken you in on the very first night if you were mine.”

“Joon is a gentleman,” Elizabeth angrily retorted. “He’s not a pervert like you. He loves and respects me.”

“No baby, you misunderstand me. I really love you too. I love you so much, that I’m going to show you right now.” James said, all the while enjoying the feel of her body under his. Elizabeth is probably unaware that all her squirming would only have the effect of exciting James even more. He began to kiss her everywhere on the face, and when she turned her face to the side, he held it down and started on her ear. He would not straight away lick her ear, but always leaving his lips just above it, breathing into it, teasing her with the anticipation. Elizabeth desperately closed his eyes, and I could see tears starting to fall down her cheeks. As he closed in his mouth on her ear and started licking it thoroughly, she could not help but start to give a despairing moan. “Please stop, please stop,” was all she could weakly protest. I could see that she was fast resigning herself to the inevitable.

James started to move further down and was now kissing her neck. His hands started to roam over her body, resting on her breasts. He started to grope them through her dress drawing more moans and sobs from Elizabeth. He suddenly reached behind her and pulled her up into a half sitting position. Elizabeth sensed a chance to escape and immediately started to struggle out of the couch. James must have anticipated it, because he smoothly got out of the way, and then as she started to run off, he stepped behind her, and pulled her back unto him, with her now sitting on his lap. With one hand still grabbing her waist, he used his other hand to quickly unzip her dress. Before she realized what was going on, he had also unhooked her bra, and proceeded to insert his free hand into her dress, and started to fondle her breasts from under the bra.

Elizabeth’s eyes snapped wide open at the feel of James’ hands on her bare breasts. This was a girl who had never let any guy touch her, other than Joon. Her look was one of sheer desperation and hopelessness, as she realized that she was not going to be able to escape with her innocence intact. However, she made one last attempt to break away, attempting to get off his lap. James growled at her even as he held her tight, “Stop struggling, or else I will rip your dress. Either way, it is coming off.”

Elizabeth was stunned. More than half afraid, she was not sure what she should do. Sensing her hesitation, James instantly yanked apart her dress from both sides, pulling it off her shoulder blades. With one smooth action, he had succeeded in stripping her off the top of her dress. With a sharp gasp as she felt suddenly exposed, Elizabeth immediate used both her arms to cover up her breasts. James used the opportunity to push her up into a standing position, then pulled the whole dress off, leaving her standing in her panties. Elizabeth was horrified at how quickly she had been undressed. James then literally swept her off her feet and deposited her back unto the couch. “Now that the irritating parts are out of the way, shall we begin?” he cheerfully asked.

“No no no no… please stop this, James. Please don’t do this to me.” Elizabeth continued sobbing, both her eyes red from crying. James simply ignored her, and proceeded to pull open her arms, and started attacking her nipples. Elizabeth, tired out from all the struggling, simply gave up and allowed James to have his way with her. As she continued crying, James expertly played with one nipple after another, twirling his tongue all around each, while using his hands to massage the other. Unexpectedly, Elizabeth suddenly started to give out faint moans that sounded like she was becoming aroused. James turned to face us and gave a quick wink. “Good job, baby. Break her in,” Kathy urged James on.

Elizabeth started to run her hands through her own hair, a look of despair mixed with pleasure written all over it. She evidently was becoming very aroused under the expert handling of James, and she was unable to fight the reactions coming from her own body. She started to involuntarily twitch as James caresses hit the right spots, and one hand found its way onto James’ head. By now, he had moved his way down to her crotch. His fingers started to reach for her panties, but Elizabeth suddenly seemed to shake off her stupor, and immediately grabbed her underwear tight. “Please, James. Anywhere but there. Please don’t do anything to me. I am saving myself for Joon on our wedding night.” She pleaded.

He fingered her over her underwear, and said to her, “but you’re already so wet there, sweetie. Don’t tell me you’re not enjoying.” When Elizabeth stubbornly held on to her underwear, he asked again, “you said anywhere? You’ll do anything?” she mutely nodded, grimly clutching on to her panties to preserve her virtue. James unzipped his shorts, and out flashed his hard penis. “Then lick this for me. And lick it well.”

Elizabeth was shocked. She had never even done this before for Joon! As she started to protest, James cut her off, “Or else your panties come off. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything permanent to you. I just want to see.”

Reluctantly, Elizabeth chose the latter, and slowly moved her hands away. Gleefully, James pulled her panties down and was treated to a sight of her landscaped pussy. She didn’t shave, but she took care to ensure that no unsightly pubic hair would stick out when she wears her swimming attire.

As James spread her legs out, he used one finger to gently brush her vaginal entrance. Elizabeth’s reaction was instant, her whole body giving an involuntary quiver., and a gasp coming from her lips. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her whole body taut, as she half dreaded and half anticipated James’ touch. He started to finger her very slowly. She was very sensitive, and every caress brought a reaction from her. Thoroughly enjoying how she was behaving, James bent down and started to lick her vagina. She couldn’t control herself anymore and gave a loud moan. James, encouraged by her response, started to vigorously tongue her on her pussy. In turn, her moans got louder and louder, with her hands now firmly on James’ head, and her body helplessly shuddering at his assault on her love entrance.

He stopped and started inserting one finger into her vagina. She gasped and again started to sit up. “James, please. Don’t do anything more. Please stop now.” James grinned and said, “relax, baby. You were enjoying yourself so much. Don’t worry, I won’t break your hymen. I’m just giving you a free lesson. I doubt Joon has even half the skills that I have in pleasing a woman.”

He half-inserted his fingers and pulled it out. As Elizabeth sunk back unto the couch in spasms, he started to finger her again, first slowly, then more and more vigorously. As she again started to tremble at his touch, I could hear her very wet pussy, and the sounds of his fingers rapidly running across her vaginal lips. She finally began to convulse and moaned for James to stop. As James lifted his dripping fingers for her to see, I will never forget the expression on her face. Her hair was all messed up, and she had a dreamy expression on her eyes that was a mixture of wonder and pleasure. Joon obviously had never given her an orgasm before, and so in that sense, James managed to be the one to claim her “first”.

James got up with a look of satisfaction and said “End of lesson one. Chris, do you have anything to add?” I suddenly snapped out of my stare at the mention of my name, as Elizabeth suddenly also registered that I was actually in the room also. She had a look of panic as she realized that I had seen her being violated, then pleasured by her violator. The look of pleasure quickly left her face, and the full impact of what had just transpired sank into her. She laid back on the sofa and started to sob uncontrollably.

“What are you crying about? You kept your virginity, and you had your first orgasm. It should be a good day for you. If I had known you were going to cry like that, I should have just gone ahead to give you a good fuck.” James said with a sneer.

I snapped out of my daze and quickly ran over to pick up her dress. I used it to cover her up, and then slowly led her to the toilet. “That’s right, Chris. Pretend to be the good guy. Maybe she will one day give you a good fuck.” James called out behind me. At that moment, I had a brief irrational urge to grab something to stick it into James’ heart. My only thought was that I’d have trouble finding where his heart would be.

I told Elizabeth to clean herself up and get dressed. I’ll let her know if Joon was coming back. She gave me a grateful smile and said thanks. Until this day, I have no idea why she thanked me. After all, I didn’t do anything at all to save her but was just standing there, salivating, and wishing that I had James’ guts to do what he did.

It was an awkward afternoon for all of us since Elizabeth and I both didn’t know how to behave. Joon was totally ignorant of all that was happening, even asking if Elizabeth was alright and that she looked like she had contracted the flu. Tired from all her crying, she just said yes, and then went back early. James and Kathy behaved as though nothing really happened, and I was just like a stupid cow who could only look at what was going on and not be able to process my reactions or emotions properly. Looking back, I think I was still in a state of shock. I had always led a very sheltered life, and the whole sex business was still totally new to me. I could not imagine that it was possible to semi-rape a girl and have her end up being pleasured. Yet James just proved to me that it was possible.