Chapter 6

That was how he managed to get her to take off her shorts, leaving her in only her pink panties. As he worked his tongue slowly down from her breasts to her stomach, he began to knead her breasts with his hands. Her moans were starting to get louder, and she was clearly enjoying what Joon was doing to her. Kathy remarked “Hmm… Joon actually doesn’t look very experienced. Either Elizabeth is faking it, or she’s so innocent that whatever he’s doing is enough to arouse her. Darling, you can totally seduce her over, once you get your hands on her.”

“Thanks, honey,” James replied with a smirk.

I was amazed at how open James and Kathy were. They were obviously a very sexual couple. Since the last shreds of my conscience were by now gone, I started to wonder if one day I would be able to bonk Kathy as well. I would probably have the full encouragement of James as well.

Joon moved back to frenching Elizabeth while letting his arms freely wander all over her body. He started to grab her butt cheeks, and slowly but firmly grope them, making Elizabeth squirm and sigh with pleasure. Then he started to rub her pussy from outside her panties. Immediately, her hands reached out to grab him, but her hands quickly loosened at the attack from Joon’s hands. She probably reasoned that as long as he didn’t take off her panties, she was “safe”. After a few minutes, he started to reach into her panties, bringing a soft moan of protest from her lips.

“Darling, don’t,” she whispered, ”Not until we’re married, remember?”

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m just touching you only since it makes you feel so good. I won’t do anything else.”

Elizabeth nodded and again closed her eyes, arching her back backward as Joon found her pleasure spot. I realize that she doesn’t really moan out loud, just gives sighs and gasps of pleasure everytime Joon hits her pleasure spots. It was such a schoolgirl thing to do, that even James said “Well, I’m pretty sure that she really is a virgin by now. Damn, Joon is one super lucky bastard. If I bang that pussy now, I either lose Joon as a buddy forever if he finds out or else he will dump her if she doesn’t give me away. Hmm… hopefully, she doesn’t give me away, and she can be a fuck buddy from now on.”

Joon himself was becoming very aroused by Elizabeth, and he started to grind his groin against her crotch. Each time his erection made contact with her crotch, she would give a gasp, and she whispered, “you’re so hard.” Joon grunted in agreement, and asked, “Would you like to touch it?” Elizabeth squealed and said “Don’t be gross. We agreed not to do anything until after we’re married. I’ve already let you do almost everything else. Don’t push it.”

Joon helplessly stopped pushing her but contented himself to carry on fingering her pussy, and having the pleasure of seeing her respond to his every touch as if he was a sex god. He started to push his own berms down, and before long both of them were clad in only their underwear. He once again began a fresh assault of Elizabeth’s crotch, letting the impact of his engorged penis push at her vaginal entrance, even though they were separated by their underclothes. She responded to his aggression with louder gasps, her eyes suddenly wide open at the feel of her boyfriend’s penis. As he tried once more to pull down her panties, she this time firmly sat up and said to Joon, “darling we need to stop before we can’t control ourselves anymore.”

To Joon’s credit, he simply gave in to her, and they both stopped their make-out session. I have no idea how he managed to control himself because I surely would have been unable to so. James remarked the same thing, saying “Joon must really be a superman. I never knew he could play the part of being a good boy so well. Guess he figured that if he wants to marry Elizabeth, he’s got to maintain this good-boy fiction for a while more.”

He turned to me and said, “well buddy, that’s the end of the movie. Hope you’ve enjoyed the show. Too bad for you I won’t be letting you have a copy of this DVD. This stuff is too hot for your innocent brain. I wouldn’t want to corrupt you by leaving it around for you to wank off all day long.” He knew that he had trapped me with those words. I would have to beg him to give me the DVD, which in turn would make me lose all credibility to protect Elizabeth from his advances. I would become his accomplice, and I was still too proud to do that. With a smirk, he and Kathy both got off their couch, and then took out the DVD from the player. “See you this weekend, lover boy” Kathy breathed at me before they left.

In a way, I didn’t need the DVD. The sight of Elizabeth had been deeply imprinted in my mind. The fact that I didn’t have the DVD only made the memory even more vivid, and served to enhance my desire for her even more.

That weekend afternoon, Joon arranged for all of us to go to his house to chill. I was very excited by the prospect of seeing Elizabeth again. The last time around, because of what happened, I didn’t even get to ask for her phone number. This time, I figured that since she would probably avoid James, I would have a fair amount of chance to chat with her and ask for her number.

We arranged to meet at 1230pm for lunch. I showed up at around 12 and realized that James and Kathy had already arrived. Joon said he ordered pizza, and so we were just waiting for it to arrive. Elizabeth showed up just a little after me. She was wearing a white dress with floral prints, which cut off just below her knees, showing off her slim yet perfectly formed calves. It was a modest round-necked collar which was designed to be modest but was without sleeves. Her snowy smooth arms absolutely glowed of her youth and vitality. Her hair today was tied back by a plain black rubber band, which gave me a good view of her soft round cheeks and the ears which Joon had been licking the other night.

The minute she appeared, I could not help but think immediately of those pictures of her in the shower, as well as the video of her and Joon making out in their room. When she came into the house, she saw James and Kathy on one side of the room, gave them a very brief smile, then walked over to the other side of the room where I was. James had an irritating knowing smile as he saw what happened.

I didn’t care. All I wanted was to be able to talk to Elizabeth more. We chatted briefly for a short while, then Joon announced that the pizza man was going to be late. Since there’s still time, he’s going to go out and get some drinks. The supermarket is just a ten-minute walk away. A quick mental count told me that I was going to have Elizabeth to myself for almost 30 minutes since she was obviously not going to say anything to James.

I walked with Joon to the front gate of his house, since I wanted to ask him to help me buy some air fresheners for my car, and wanted to show him which was the one I used. After that, I walked back to the house, wondering how I should ask Elizabeth for her phone number.

As I entered the house, I was greeted to the sight of Elizabeth on the couch, squirming under the body of James. He had his hands on her mouth, and he was leering vilely over her. “Keep quiet, Lizzie. Don’t let the neighbors know about this. What will Joon think of his girlfriend, if I say that you tried to seduce me the minute he left the house?”

As he moved his hands away from her mouth, she gave him a look of sheer desperation, “James, let me go. Please don’t do this. I won’t tell Joon anything. Just let me get up.”

I was shocked at the sheer guts of James to do something like this. As I started to move to stop him, Kathy stopped me and said, “Stay away from this. Or else we’ll tell Joon you and Lizzie were the ones making out and we caught you.” She then whispered to me out of earshot, “I’m sure you would like a real live show instead of the DVD you watched that day.”