Chapter 5

Staring that those shots of her in the shower, I could feel myself quickly becoming erect again, and so I hurriedly carried my laptop into the bathroom to wank off. Unlike earlier in the day though, I didn’t need to rely on my imagination. I could stare at her naked butt, her small and firm breasts, or just the form of her body, and think about how great it would be to have her in my arms, with me being able to lick every inch of her.

The poor quality of the video didn’t do justice to the smoothness and fineness of her skin. Seeing her in real life in that white bikini was a whole new experience, but this was pretty real and good too. Before I knew it, I had unloaded my second round for the day. After flushing, I came out of the toilet, and realized with a shock that Elizabeth was outside!

I must have turned bright red and frozen because she giggled and asked me, “Why did you bring your laptop into the bathroom? You had work that was due so urgent?”

Since I was actually just looking at pictures of her perfect naked form mere seconds ago, I only mumbled some brief excuse about finishing up an email I was halfway through. I tried to hurry away, but she caught me by my arm, and then said to me in lowered voice “Thanks for listening to me this afternoon, Chris. I needed someone I could trust to be there for me, and you were a good friend. I’m feeling better now. I will try to avoid James, but I don’t want to jeopardize your friendship with each other. So please don’t tell Joon what happened k?”

James was right once again! She was such a perfect angel, willing to sacrifice her own self in order to protect Joon. I felt a momentary pang of guilt since I was far from being a good friend that she could trust. Then once again I was overcome by the fact that she was such a good girl, it reinforced my own desire to make her mine.

That night, we all went out for dinner, and Elizabeth took care to sit between me and Joon, and even though she tried to sound normal, I could tell she was struggling to look at James and sound friendly. James, however, seemed to enjoy being able to taunt her with her discomfort, and not only kept on directing questions at her that forced her to answer but even kept making sexual references at Elizabeth that would always make her helpless to react in any way. Joon, who was used to James, saw nothing suspicious about the whole affair, and I was too confused to really be able to do much to help protect Elizabeth, except to try and deflect some of James’ attention.

Elizabeth claimed to have a headache that night and went to her room straight away after dinner. The rest of the night I didn’t get to see her again, and just drifted off to sleep fitfully.

We checked out of the chalet the next day, and I went home to rest. All this while, I had been secretly stealing time out to again stare at the naked pictures of Elizabeth. She had become a secret obsession of mine. I began to appreciate every inch of her body that was revealed to me. The shape and contours of her body frame, the shape of her breasts, the way her slim neck would lead to her rosebud lips, and the shape of her eyes that was able to speak a thousand words at a mere glance. I saw more of her naked pictures than I saw of her in real life, and I knew I was fast becoming a pervert. But I couldn’t help myself. I had never felt that way before about any girl.

Somewhere at 3pm, James and Kathy suddenly showed up at my door and rang the doorbell. I wondered at the unexpected visit, and they just grinned. James said “I know your parents are overseas and you’re all alone. We thought you’d be lonely, so thought we’d come over and keep you company. Come, let’s watch a movie.”

He took out a DVD and walked over to the TV to set it up. Absolutely unsuspecting, I sat down with a bewildered face, wondering what James was up to now. After all, he’s never ever once come to my house before.

When the video started, it took a couple of seconds to register that I was looking at Joon and Elizabeth’s chalet room! James must have snuck yet another of his hidden cameras into their room. This time around, the sound and voice quality was surprisingly good. James said that it was because the bedroom had better lighting than the shower. “I’ve cut to the good parts, to spare you all the boring times when nothing happens.”

I started to stare at the screen, mesmerized by the sight of Elizabeth and Joon. For a brief irrational moment, I really hated Joon. But of course, that’s the most ridiculous thing I could ever feel.

He was turning to Elizabeth, and asking her how she felt. “Better now, thanks dear,” she replied. “James said you went for a swim with him and Kathy this morning,” Joon continued, and Elizabeth suddenly froze in shock. “I guess it must have been the sun that was too strong, gave you a headache,” Joon added. With a sigh of relief, Elizabeth just nodded her head. Joon went over to her side and laid down beside her. His hands started to travel up and down her side, and he asked her “Shall we carry on from where we left off last night?”

Elizabeth turned to him with a faintly amused yet reproachful look, and said, “Your girlfriend is having a headache, and all you can think about is how horny you are?” Joon innocently replied, “It must be because I love you too much.” With a laugh, Elizabeth leaned over and kissed him. That kiss went on for quite some time, and soon I could see Joon using his right leg to wrap himself around Elizabeth’s waist. He was using his hands to fondle her chest, feeling her breasts over the pink t-shirt that she was wearing. She was responding to his caresses with small moans now and then, all the while with her eyes closed and with both her arms wrapped around the nape of Joon’s neck.

Joon started to move his lips away from hers and began to kiss her very gently all over her face, eventually moving to her ear. She actually shivered from the delight, and her moans started to get slightly louder. He moved to her neck, licking one minute, blowing another, all the while adopting a simple process of kissing/licking then withdrawing for just a split second, before going right back at it again. Elizabeth evidently likes what he’s doing, judging by her facial expression, and the way her hands involuntarily would be caressing Joon’s back, while her legs started to spread apart.

Joon slowly worked his way further down to her breasts. By now he had reached under her t-shirt and was starting to feel her breasts from under it. Whether or not he was touching her over or under he bra wasn’t clear, but she giving out very audible sighs of pleasure from what he was doing. He suddenly got up and began to pull at her t-shirt. She also sat up and allowed him to take her t-shirt off. From my left, I could hear James give a low whistle. “Whoo wow, that girl is one sex kitten. Look at the way she moves in order to accommodate his caresses. When Joon finally breaks her in, she’s going to be a real sex slut.” As much as what James said sounded really offensive to me, part of me was fascinated at Elizabeth’s reaction to Joon. Despite her chaste appearance, she really does appear to be someone who is not prudish.

By now, Joon had unhooked her bra and was started to feverishly work on her nipples. “Gentler, darling. Not so hard,” she breathed. Joon nodded briefly, all the while never ceasing from his assault on her nipples. I could see him grinding his hips against hers, and can only imagine what a raging hard-on he must be having. I bet it was even more than my own right now since he was actually getting the real deal. With one smooth action, Joon took off his own t-shirt, and now both of them were top naked, with both bodies so closely entwined. It was a really sensual sight. And unlike some of the Jap porn that I had watched, Joon was really very gentle towards Elizabeth, never pushing her, but slowly chipping away at her until her resistance crumbled.