Chapter 3

“Alright. I’ll tell you. But you CANNOT tell anymore. I don’t want anything to happen. It's… it's James. We were in the pool and was just sitting around in the corner chatting. There was no one in the pool, as you probably can guess. Weekday and lunchtime la. So Kathy decided to go do some laps, and I wanted to stretch a bit. James said he’ll just relax a little, and so stayed around me. I started to stretch in the water, and next thing I knew, James had his hands on my legs. He claimed to be helping me stretch, and so I asked him to help grab my ankles to lift it up.

He did so, then started to inch his way forward towards me. With a sudden shift of his body, I lost my balance and fell unto him. He then continued to grab hold of me, and I felt his hands groping me from my back down to my butt. I was a little shocked and didn’t know how to react. It happened so fast. After I regained my balance, he asked if I was okay. I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded. He apologized and said let’s try that again. Of course, I didn’t want him near me anymore, but I couldn’t be sure if he deliberately pawed me. So I just agreed.

This time around, I grabbed the side of the pool and so maintained my balance. However, he started inching towards me as I had one ankle on his shoulder, and the other on the floor. So I was pretty much trapped against the side of the pool. He leaned in and told me I was very pretty, and that he really liked the way I looked in my bikini. Then he actually leaned over and licked my ear. I tried to struggle, but he had by now gotten a firm grip on me, and I couldn’t really move. I asked him to stop, but he merely whispered into my ear to relax and enjoy it.

Then he reached out with his free hand and groped my butt. I was getting angry and told him to stop before I yell. He looked at me with his eyes and said I dare you to 😏. As he said that, he suddenly reached behind me and gave my bikini top a good yank, undoing the knot. My top came off immediately, and he then held me tight while he had a good look. By now, I was starting to cry and begging him to let me go. Of course, I wasn’t going to scream for help with my breasts open for all to see, and so after what felt like a really long time, he released me. I quickly dove under the water, re-tied my bikini, and then came back.

"Chris, Joon was right. James is such an animal!!”

I was speechless. I guess part of me was angry with myself for not going along, maybe I could have protected her. Then again, I was also guilty of fantasizing about her and masturbating away not too long ago. I was equally guilty of violating her. I reactively reached out my hand to pat her on the shoulder, and she flung herself into my arms to cry.

I was, of course, shocked at first but immediately felt my dick begin to erect at the warmth of her body. Especially since she was both in a bikini as well as being wet. Not to mention the fact that she was in a t-shirt of mine, which was now well soaked. It felt wrong to be having such lustful thoughts of her when she was in such a state, but I didn’t care anymore. I decided to just enjoy the feeling of having her in my arms.

I think it was at this point in time that I decided that I must have her for myself. The only problem was, Joon was so much more outstanding than me. And she had made it perfectly clear that she loves Joon, and only treats me as a friend. However, I figured that I could take my time to woo her.

In the meantime, I told her to go shower and change before she catches a cold, and we can decide what to do after that. After the shower, she told me she was going to take a nap, and that she wanted some time alone. I offered to buy her something for lunch, but she said she wasn’t hungry.

When James came back, I confronted him. James, of course, asserted that he had done nothing wrong, and was merely doing what he would have done with any other girl. Kathy saw us quietly talking, and walked over. “Darling, is Chris upset over what you tried to do with Elizabeth?”

I was shocked. Kathy was fine with it???

James smiled at me and said “See? I told you what I did was normal. Even Kathy thought so.”

“But don’t you care that its Joon’s girlfriend we’re talking about?” I protested.

“Chris, don’t pretend la. I’ve seen you staring at her with your puppy eyes. You also can’t wait to jump her. The only difference is that I have the balls to try, while you only pretend to be a gentleman.” James was right. I could only lamely protest that even though he was right, the difference is that I had the self-control to not betray my buddy.

He tried to calm me down and said, “relax bro, I have something to show you.” With that, he walked to the shower and pulled out a pinhole camera he had placed inside. “I knew this would come in handy one day, and boy was I right. Let’s go check out this angel of yours, and see how she looks in the nude.”

I was dumbfounded but quietly followed him into his room. I was too aroused with lust to protest anymore. He took out the microSD card from the pinhole camera, which was shaped like a cigarette lighter, and then plugged it into his laptop.

It was a pretty poor quality camera, but it still was a breathtaking sight. She was obviously still distressed over what happened and was half crying in the shower, still with her bikini on. James was showing no sign of any remorse and instead started to grope his groin while watching the video. Kathy leaned over and started licking his ears, all the while commenting along at what we were seeing.

Slowly, she reached back and undid the knot of her bikini top. As she pulled down her top, I saw what James had gotten to see about 45 minutes earlier – her glorious slightly pink nipples in all its glory. Her breasts were not very big but fit nicely on her petite-sized frame. As she raised both her arms to run her fingers through her lustrous black hair, her breasts were stretched backward to show off her taut nipples. She had such a firm body that looked like a schoolgirl's.

In the safety of the bathroom, she was washing away the unpleasant memories of the pool, unaware that even as she was doing so, she was being violated. What’s more, she was now also being violated by me, the one she had trusted to be her friend, and whom she had confided in.

She began to soap her self, rubbing hard to wash away James’ touch all over her. As her hands traveled over her whole body, we were all treated to the sight of her every nook and cranny. As her hands were rubbing over her breasts and her taut stomach, I was wishing so badly that it was my hands that were applying the soap for her. As she started to clean her butt, James could not help but remark that even though she was a pretty slim girl, her butt had felt really firm and solid.

“Too bad I didn’t get the chance to feel her breasts. She ran away before I could do so,” he said. “Next time, I won’t let her get away so easily.”

“James, you’re lucky if she doesn’t tell Joon what you did. And you’re planning for the next time?” I scolded.

“Are you kidding? Girls like her are too embarrassed to say anything. Besides, she’s a nice girl and wouldn't want to jeopardize the friendship that we have. I know her type. She’ll quietly swallow whatever we do to her and then run to the shower to have a good cry. She will never give me away,” James confidently stated.

I didn’t know what to say. A big part of me wanted in on the action, but there still remained just a tiny bit of my conscience that is holding me back. Besides, I did not like the idea of James being able to violate her like that.