Chapter 15

One afternoon while Elizabeth and I were studying at her place, Xiu Ling came back looking absolutely exhausted. She had been moving a lot of things in school for her friend, and she had also been lugging her heavy laptop around. So Elizabeth suggested that I give Xiu Ling a massage. I jumped at the chance and made her sit down on the couch. She was dressed in a baby blue spaghetti strap top and shorts, and I was so excited at the chance to be able to place my hands on her. As she sat down and leaned back on the couch, I could see just the top of her cleavage as it stuck out of her top, and it was great to have an excuse for it to be on continuous view. Her hair was tied back, to reveal the nape of her neck, smooth and white as it could be. As I finally laid my hands on her for the first time, I was worried I would be blushing, since I could feel the blood rushing to my head. So I forced myself to play it cool.

Her skin was so smooth and soft, and she felt warm to the touch. Maybe its because she had just gotten home. But in my mind, I began to fantasize about my hands roaming all over the rest of her, starting with her cleavage. As I worked on her shoulders, she began to give off a sigh of pleasure, and her head began to sway from one side to another. She really had such a sensual nature, that every one of these actions of hers had a way of stirring a reaction in my groin. As I continued to work on her shoulders, one of her straps slid off, exposing her bare shoulders. I jumped a little but continued as if nothing had happened. Before long, the other strap also slid off, leaving me to admire her bare shoulders. Of course, having seen her in the buff many times by now, just seeing her bare shoulders is no big deal. But it was the thrill of seeing her so near and in the skin, coupled with the fact that my hands are actually touching her, that made my imagination go into overdrive, and made me so aroused.

I eventually moved on to her neck, leaving one hand on her bare shoulders. This brought further sighs of pleasure from her. “Lizzie, you are one lucky girl man. Chris, you should do this more often ya?” she complimented me, as she enjoyed my massage. “Sure! Anytime you want, da-sao.” I replied. “Hey! Don’t make me sound so old!” she protested. “Besides, Elizabeth hasn’t agreed to marry you yet, so you’re not entitled to call me that.” I laughed and carried on working on her. I started to also massage her arms, enjoying the feeling of squeezing and running my hands down both her arms, feeling the softness of her skin, and the fact that she was now leaning onto me as I worked on her. Up and down my hands went, totally savoring the occasion and the opportunity to carry on working on her. Eventually, my hands tired out from the exertion, and I regretfully had to stop. Nevertheless, she has obviously enjoyed herself, as have I. This would be my first step, I told myself, towards being able to utterly possess her whole body, and being free to touch her anywhere I want, and do anything I want to her. I reached out and helped her to put her shoulder straps back on, and she turned back to smile at me, to thank me for “my services”. In my mind, I was thinking of the many more “services” I have to offer her.

Not long after that, Xiu Ling and I were again alone in the house together. By now, Elizabeth’s parents had given me a set of their house keys so that it was easier for me to come around since sometimes both sisters had yet to reach home. Elizabeth had some activity in school, so she told me to go over to her place first to wait for her. It was a hot day, so I had turned on the air-conditioning in Elizabeth’s room. Xiu Ling came into the room in a t-shirt and shorts and said she wanted to ride on the air-conditioning. So she sat on the bed and carried on studying, while I studied on Elizabeth’s study table. Soon, Xiu Ling was falling fast asleep on the bed, and I could feast my eyes on the beauty that was lying on Elizabeth’s bed. The same bed where I was regularly having intercourse with my girlfriend, and here was her equally gorgeous sister, sleeping on it. God, I really wanted to just jump her there and then. As I walked over to cover her with the blanket, I could see her nipples, hardened by the cold air, and stretch taut against her t-shirt.

Feeling aroused, I started to fondle my own dick, wondering if it was possible to masturbate to the sight of her and get away with it. I started rubbing myself through the material of my berms and getting more excited. Suddenly, she moved and adjusted herself, giving me a false alarm. I decided to stop for the moment and walked up to her. Bending over her, I smelled the fresh smell of her hair, and with my face hovering just inches away from hers, I wondered how her lips would taste. But knowing that it was too soon, I decided to just cover her with the blanket, and then go back to my studies. About an hour later, she woke up from the nap and thanked me for the blanket. She said she was going to take a quick shower, just so that she can stay awake. As she went back to her room to take her clothes, I rushed into the toilet first to plant my spy camera, glad that I could add to my collection. It had been a while since the latest addition, and I was eager to have updates.

When she came out of the shower, looking utterly sexy with the same t-shirt and shorts she had on, except that the t-shirt was now a little wet and she still didn’t have a bra, I had to remind myself not to stare. As she again settled down on Elizabeth’s bed to study, she suddenly said to me, “Chris, can I ask you something?” Wondering what it was all about, I replied, “What’s up?”

She hesitated, then asked, “I’ve heard that it's very painful for a girl’s first time. Is that true?” I blushed at the question since I was totally unprepared for it. So I answered her carefully, “Well, when a girl breaks her hymen, of course, it's painful. But for different girls, it's also different. Shouldn’t you be asking your sis this instead? I’m a guy you know. I won’t be able to give you a proper answer.”

She looked at me and said, “Well, Richard is leaving next month, and he has been pressuring me to sleep with him before he goes away for nine months. Even though we agreed to wait till after our wedding, nine months seem like an awfully long time…” her voice trailed off, and she didn’t really say anything after that. I understood what she was saying, and I felt myself getting excited. At that time, I was thinking that once she sleeps with Richard, it will be much easier to get her to sleep with me. So I again cautiously told her, “Looks like you two are really very serious about each other huh? I’m not a good person to ask, since you know I already am sleeping with your sister. All I can say is that the first time is an amazing experience, and it really is once in a lifetime. So think hard before you do anything. But I’ll say that the first time for a guy is definitely much more memorable than for a girl. For the girl, it's mainly the pain that she remembers.”

She then continued to ask, “So what was the first time like for you and my sis? I mean, she doesn’t really go into specifics, except that it was painful but you didn’t make it too bad for her.” I was a little amused and smiled at that. I told her, “Well, actually she wasn’t expecting it to happen. I caught her by surprise, so I guess for her it was the sudden shock that distracted her from the pain.” I quickly carried on when I saw her eyes widen, “No, it wasn’t rape, you goose. It was more like how things got carried away when we were making out, and then it happened.”

As she continued staring at me, I asked her, “Haven’t you and Richard ever been down that road before? Where you both were too caught up in making out, and very nearly went all the way?” She looked down for a moment, then replied to me saying “Richard and I haven’t made out before. He’s not a sexual person, more intent on his career. We always assumed that things would naturally happen after our wedding, and so we were prepared to wait.”

It was as if I had been struck by a lightning bolt. Lovely Xiu Ling had never been caressed by a guy before? No man had ever undressed her, and tasted her body before? How could this be? What sort of idiot is Richard, that he could be holding on to such a gem and yet not know what to do with it? I realized that I must have looked like a buffoon, with my mouth gaping and my eyes staring widely at Xiu Ling, since she suddenly laughed, and threw a small pillow at me saying, “Stop staring at me like that! It's not like he’s gay, or that I’m from some remote village. We’re just not that kind of couple. His family is a very proper family, and he’s always had a strict upbringing. I’ve always not minded it since he’s a good boy. But I have to admit that you and Elizabeth have made me very curious about the whole sex thing. So we talked about it, and since all his friends are also doing it, he’s asking me if we should give it a try.” She stopped there and then blushed as if she realized she had said more than she had intended to.

I laughed at her reply, and when she gave me an indignant look, I replied, “I just never assumed that a sexy girl like you could actually be such a total innocent. I mean, you walk around the house without wearing a bra, you’re obviously very comfortable with your own body, and I think you’re actually a very sensual girl. So I’m just really surprised that you’ve never made out before. Haven’t you ever initiated anything with Richard before?”

She answered, “No, I haven’t. Like I said, its just something we both never really started, so it never really became a thing. In fact, if I hadn’t brought up you and my sis to him, we’d both probably never even have had this conversation. So I guess this is actually all your fault.” She placed an emphasis on the word “your” and stuck out her tongue at me. I laughingly protested my innocence, saying “Don’t blame me for being such an innocent. So have you ever kissed Richard before?” She went “Humph. Of course, we have. He says I’m a good kisser, as a matter of fact.”

My heart skipped a beat. Should I do a really cheesy thing? I decided to give it a shot. There won’t be many chances like this. So I retorted back at her, “What would he know? How many girls has he ever kissed? Maybe you really suck, but he can’t tell the difference!” Her eye widened, and she snapped back immediately, “Then what? Do you think you’re the kissing expert? How many have you ever kissed before?” I held up a hand and surrendered saying “Ok fine, I’ve only ever kissed your sis before. I’m sure she’s told you that. But she’s kissed both me and Joon before, and she says I’m better. So at least there’s a point of comparison. But as for you, there’s no way to ascertain for sure how good you are!”

She got up from her bed, placed her hands on her hips, and took on a mock scolding tone, “You’re getting more and more daring huh? First, you tell me I dress indecently at home, then you tell me I’m a lousy kisser. I’ll have you know that I think I’m pretty good myself, thank you very much.”

I also got up from my chair, crossed my arms and half mockingly challenged her saying, “I guess we’ll never know since there’s no way to prove it.” In my heart, I was hoping that she would, in fact, prove it.