Chapter 13

We started to kiss, and in the passion of the moment, we both quickly became aroused again. Our kissing became harder, more frantic, and she was more aggressive than before. As I played with her boobs while kissing her, she reached down and fondled my penis. I marveled at how she was able to always apply just the right pressure, such that it teased me without causing pain. And soon I was engorged again. I moved my hands away from her boobs and started to lick and suck at them. At the same time, I reached into her FBT shorts and started fingering her pussy. I found that she was already extremely wet and that my fingers were all slippery and wet from her juices. She was very sensitive to what I was doing, with her whole body twitching at my fingers’ movements at her vaginal lips. I tried to take off her shorts, but she resisted, holding on to the waistband tightly. She shook her head, but with her eyes closed, she seemed incapable of speech, merely protecting her virtue as a matter of instinct.

I think she sensed my hunger and was a little afraid of that I would not be able to control myself. And she was right. Its as if her breakup with Joon was my signal to take things to the next step. I simply had to have her today!

I renewed my attack on her body, with my lips aggressively working on her nipples, knowing how sensitive she was. She started to moan more and more loudly, and I continued to work on her pussy. Soon, her breathing got heavier and heavier, and I knew that I was on the verge of making her cum. Her whole body was twitching very hard at my manipulations, and she had firmly gripped my wrists, trying at the same time to both stop me because the feeling was becoming unbearable, yet not actually stopping me because it felt so good. I loved the feeling of being able to do that to her, and I found myself so aroused, that I felt I would explode if I couldn’t enter her.

As she began to convulse her body, I knew I had achieved success, but it wasn’t enough. I again tried to remove her shorts, yet again she grabbed her waistband tightly. I was very frustrated and decided to tire her out. So I once more reached into her shorts and started to finger her pussy. She gasped in surprise, and with that incredibly sexy look where she was half begging me to stop, and half encouraging me to carry on, she opened her eyes wide to look at me. I moved up to kiss her, cutting off all her protests and renewed my assault again on her body. This time around, she was laboring in her breathing, and her moans were getting increasingly frequent and louder.

My wrist was getting very tired from reaching inside of her shorts, so I removed them, and she had a look of relief, which was quickly replaced by one of alarm when I I reached under her shorts, and pushed the material aside, then continued to finger her. She looked like she was about to protest, so I again covered her lips with mine to cut her off. As she once more got lost in the moment, I started to finger her more intensely, with my finger half entering her. Each time I did so, her body would stiffen at the entrance, and she would whisper to me, “Pain… don’t…” I would retreat accordingly, then when she loosened up a little, I would try again. Soon she became soaking wet again, and I knew my moment had come.

I started to push my body up a little and kissed her very hard. As I did so, I positioned my dick where my fingers had been fingering her, and then in one smooth motion, I withdrew my fingers and guided my dick into her vagina. It was so wet, and I found that I managed to slide in more than halfway on my first try. Her eyes opened very wide in sudden alarm, and she gave a half scream that was muffled by my mouth. She frantically tried pushing me off, but I was not to be stopped. I simply HAD to have her today! I half withdrew my dick and managed to go all in with one firm push. I felt some resistance and then felt it break. Her whole body tightened, and then I felt her whole body go limp as she gave up all the fight. But I could see that it had been painful for her, and so after that, I tried to move slower. Nevertheless, the feeling was incredible, as for the first time my penis encountered the heat inside of a pussy, and it was literally a mind-blowing experience. I slowly began to pump myself in and out of her, but within a few strokes, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I felt my whole body shudder as I emptied myself into her, my second release for the day.

After a moment of absolute bliss, I opened my eyes to find that Elizabeth was staring at me. Guiltily, I said to her, “I’m sorry, I really couldn’t control myself. Please don’t be angry.” I couldn’t tell if her red eyes were the result of her crying just now, or if she’s angry with me for taking away her virginity. She was silent for what seemed like an awfully long time, and then she said, “I’m not angry. But I wasn’t prepared to give myself away today, and it was very painful.” She didn’t say anything else, and I didn’t know what to say, so it became a little awkward after a while. She just laid there in bed, keeping very quiet, and I laid down beside her, not sure of what I should say or do. Eventually, she seemed to have made up her mind about something, and she turned her whole body to face me, and looked at me, saying “I love you, Chris. Don’t ever let me down ok?” And then she hugged me.

I was so relieved. All the while I was letting my mind go wild if she’d be angry, or worse if she’d report me to the police for rape. I hugged her back and told her I’ll never deliberately do something to hurt her. As we laid in bed, our 2 naked bodies entwined together, I tentatively asked, “so how was it for you? Did you enjoy any of it?”

She pulled back, looked at me and said, “I’ve heard that it was painful, but I never imagined it would be so painful. But in a way, I’m glad you did it fast. I don’t think I could have stood it if you went slow, as some of my friends did.” Then she suddenly gasped and sat up. I wondered what’s wrong, and saw her staring at the bedsheets, which were pretty bloody. Crap! I didn’t even consider that. Then I realized she was staring at her vagina, with my sperm mingled with her blood. She turned to me and said in shocked, “What if I get pregnant?” I told her I’d go to the pharmacy to get some morning-after contraceptives pills. She sighed in relief as I removed the bedsheets and changed them, I promised to bring it to wash before returning it so that her parents would not find out.

It was a slightly weird day for us after that, since she was still recovering from the breakup with Joon, as well as the shock loss of her virginity. As for me, I was very glad that I had managed to finally lose my virginity as well as claimed Elizabeth’s, and I was now eager for more. The feeling of having sex was indescribable, and I felt like I couldn’t have enough of it. I wanted to stay beside Elizabeth and be with her while she’s feeling so many different things, but I also was eager to go back home to see what Xiu Ling looked like in the shower.

When I finally got home at night, I pulled out my camera pen and waited impatiently for the file to be copied over. Back then it was still rather slow, and the camera pen I had was USB1.0, and it took a pretty long time to copy over. But it was well worth the wait. Xiu Ling innocently got into the shower and closed the door, unaware that someone would be able to see her in her full glory. As she peeled off her white slip, I had an immediate hard-on, staring at her glorious nipples. What a pair of boobs she had! She was on the meaty side, but hardly fat. In fact, she was in great shape, being both full-figured yet not overly endowed. I had always been more inclined towards the slim tight body, but I am a breast man, and I appreciated the pair that she had. Definitely bigger than Elizabeth’s, and perkier as well. She took her time to wet herself, then started to lather the shampoo into her hair. Watching her slightly wavy hair get wet and straightened in the shower was great, but now seeing her with both arms raised as if to showcase her splendid milky white globes was a glorious sight to behold. With her eyes closed and her head turned to one sight, I could well imagine her holding the same pose when she was aroused and in heat.

When she turned around, I realized her butt was actually pretty small. This means that the only part of her that was seriously meaty was actually just her breasts. She might not have as firm a body as Elizabeth did, but she would definitely be a great “bolster” to have in bed. I fantasized about running my hot hands all over her body in the shower, as I took my time to lick her nipples and try my best to eat up those magnificent breasts. She had an adorable way of washing her hair, washing it under the shower while running her hands through her hair, then checking her hands for soap suds. She would repeat this until she saw that her hands were clear of soap suds. When she lathered her body, I noticed that she likes to take her time, unlike Elizabeth. She would thoroughly spread the soap all over her whole body, taking her time as if she was enjoying the feel of her own hands all over herself. She was definitely a much more sensual girl than Elizabeth was and much more assured of her own sexuality. Given the fact that she was attached for 4 years already, I had my doubts that she was still a virgin. No guy could have that much self-control. But I told myself that its just too bad I’ll never know since I don’t imagine I’ll ever get to bonk her. The closest I’ll ever get to her would have to be through this video.

After she washed off her soap suds, I was treated to a bonus. She grabbed a razor from the sink counter and then proceeded to shave her armpits. As she did so, she had to squeeze her ample breasts inwards in order to get a view. They looked soft and supple and quickly bounced back into their place after she released her hands. When she was drying herself with the towel, her breasts would bounce with the vigorousness of her actions. I found myself stroking away at my dick, but this time around it felt like my dick was having muscle cramps from the 2 times I had already done it with Elizabeth. Nevertheless, this was a special occasion, and by the time she finished her shower, I was also close to ejaculating, which I duly did. My sperm was no longer thick and milky, but by now was simply watery and actually very little. But whatever came out of me was very hot, and after that, I felt tired to the bone. What a long day, but what a great day! It has been a superb day of many “FIRSTS”.

It was the day I finally lost my virginity. The day I got my first blowjob. The day I took Elizabeth’s virginity. The day I first saw Xiu Ling naked in the shower. This has definitely been the most productive day of my whole life.