Chapter 9 (End)

Vincent: Walan eh... 1 round only u chui liao? Like that how to come out and play? Wanna chup pai kia must ai zai like Candy ma. Hahaha

Ah San: Haha. Eh Vincent, she damn easy to handle. I confirm she is your type.

Vincent: Zhun bo??? Lim peh hear her voice just now so teh, wa lan buay ta han, instantly shoot inside Candy's mouth.


Ah San lighted a cigarette and signaled Candy to go out of the room with him to the toilet. As Candy can't hold a candle with Rina's beauty and in term of fuckability, he doesn't seem as interested in her after banging Rina.

Rina was still panting away but Vincent walked over and grabbed her by her tiny waist and pulled her up on her feet again.

Vincent unbuttoned the remaining buttons on Rina's school shirt and pull it off her waist to throw across the room. Leaving her only in her skirt, with her x-back bra around her waist and panty still stuck at her thighs below her butt. He pulled up her skirt and held Rina by her waist, without any warning, he thrust his dick into her pussy.

Vincent: Waahh song!

Rina: Eerr ehhhh uh... What the fuck...

Taking a deep breath smelling Rina's hair, Vincent pulled out halfway and thrust into Rina again.

Vincent: Song bo??

Rina squealed: Uhhh na bei... Ni der heng dar.. Eehh... Uhhh..

Vincent ignored her as he got his ego boosted. He grabbed Rina tighter and started to pump her standing from behind.

Rina: Uhh uh ehh er ehh err... Bu yao... Uhh...

Rina tiptoed and tried to struggle but her small frame was too weak to break free from Vincent. Every thrust by Vincent simply weakened her. Within 5 mins, her tensed up body was limp and her fair boobs were bouncing according to Vincent's pumping rhythm.

Once again, Rina was totally owned. There was nothing she could do to save herself some face. As much as she wants to, she can't. She could only stand there with her legs closed together, having her panty slip down her thighs slowly due to the pumping.

At times, Rina turned around and stared back at Vincent, but her buay song face only made Vincent grab her hands, pumping her even harder.

Rina: Uhhhh nabei.... Uh ehh.. Wait... Ahh.. Ehh .. Teng yi sia... Uhh...

Vincent: Hahaha... Teng si mi lan jiao?

Vincent had been waiting for this moment. From watching how Ah San banged her earlier, he knew this was the sign. He grabbed both of Rina's arms tightly and turbo thrust this xmm into orgasm, before letting go of her, only to watch her collapse onto the floor.

This time, the tsunami built up inside Rina was so big that she nearly blacked out. She collapsed onto the floor, still trembling from the orgasm that hit her. Vincent climbed on top of her and turn her onto her back, in one swift motion he thrust into her pussy missionary style.

Rina: Uhhh ahhhh ahhh ... Nabei...

Rina was helpless in trying to muffle her moans when Vincent thrust into her again. Her pussy was too sensitive as she had cum more than twice. She wanted her pussy to be left alone to let the sensitivity subside, but Vincent knew exactly how to fuck this kind of xmm, he left her no chance to even catch her breath. He started to fuck Rina faster and faster making her moan out loud.

Rina: Uhh uhh ehhhh ehh.. Waittt... Uhh what the fuck... Ahh ahhhh bu yao... Uhhh...

Rina tried to get up but Vincent pressed his body down on her as he fucked this xiao ah lian into submission.

Rina: Uhhhh errmmm na bei...

Rina closed her eyes tightly and face away while Vincent fucked her harder and harder. It doesn't take long before Vincent was at his limit. Watching Rina's facial expression in missionary, the way she tweaks her eyebrows and bit her lips trying to muffle herself, Vincent cannot take it any longer. He grabbed Rina by her waist and turbo thrust her till he shot into the condom. Rina curled her toes as she cummed together with Vincent. Rina was totally gone. It took her a few mins before she stopped trembling and regained her senses.

At this time, Ah San and Candy opened the door coming back into the room to rejoin them.

Ah San: Wah steady la! Ok, now both of you are officially part of the gang. Welcome to our family.

Vincent: Ok Candy, Rina and you will join us today. You both will be of the same rank and under Ah San from today.

Candy smiled as she felt cool knowing that she's now officially part of the biggest gang in SG.