Chapter 8

Rina: Mmm... mmmeerrr errr ehhh.....

Rina hopelessly tried to muffle her moaning in vain as Ah San ignored her protests and hugged her tightly around her tiny waist and bang her like a rag doll. Rina is so petite in size, she simply cannot handle this type of chao ah beng treatment from Ah San.

With one hand around Rina's waist, Ah San grabbed her breasts with his other hand and squeezed them through her bra, while he constantly trying to pound deeper into this tight 16 years old pussy.

Rina: Uhhhh errr... Narbei...

Rina was totally owned. She needed time to recover from her previous orgasm, and she wanted the numbing in her left leg to subside. She stood unstably in the middle of the room with her school shirt falling off her shoulders, exposing her bright blue half cups bra. Suddenly her bra came loose and her boobs start to shake according to Ah San pumping rhythm as Ah San undo her back hooks. Ah San pulled her X-back bra straps off her shoulders and pulled her bra down to her stomach. Her panty was also stuck at her thighs just below her butt. This caused Rina to be more restricted in her movements as her X-back bra straps caught both her arms by the side of her body. Rina kept trying to tiptoe to avoid the deep thrusting but it was no use. Rina stood with her knees closed together as her legs were caught and restricted by her own panty, making her easier for Ah San to control.

Rina tried to struggle but was totally hopeless. All she can do was try her best to muffle her own moaning to save herself some face. She also tried to reach her hand behind to push against Ah San's stomach to weaken his thrusting. But this was a very wrong move on the experienced gina tao. Ah San grabbed Rina's hands and pulled her body backward instead, thrusting deeper hitting right on her G-spot.

Rina: Errr arrr ahhhh NABEI... eh ehh uhhhh eh... Wait... Wait!!... eehh...

This was the sign. Rina gave herself away, exposing her own weakness. Ah San could feel her pussy tighten and he knew that whenever this xmm asked him to wait, it just meant that she was about to cum. Ah San knew this was the signal and he pulled both her arms and increased his speed, turbo thrusting this xiao ah lian.

Vincent was clapping and cheering: Woohoo... chui liao, chui liao... wa steady la!

Ah San turbo fucked Rina without mercy and brought her to climax which nearly caused her to blackout. Rina closed her eyes and tried to muffle her moaning but was hopeless in doing so.

Rina: Mmmmerrr errr err ehhh ehhh narr... Uhh narrrr beiii... Ahhhh ahhhh uhhh....!!

The thrusting was too fierce. It was nothing she ever felt before. Rina was totally fucked like a rag doll throughout her orgasm. Her whole body tightened and caused Ah San to built up too. He could feel himself cumming and he hugged Rina's body tightly from behind and pushed her against the wall. He fucked her aggressively against the wall for a good 1 min and exploded into the condom.

After Ah San shoot his final wave of cum, he withdrew his dick from Rina's pussy and let go of her body. Without any support holding on to her, Rina collapsed onto the floor. Her legs were too jelly to support her tiny frame.

Ah San was sextified, he stepped back to admire his conquest of this new gina who was panting away trying to catch her breath. There was a sign of relief on Rina's face. She thought that it was over but Vincent stood up from the bed and tore open a new pack of condoms, capped himself, ready for his turn.