Chapter 7

Rina was getting wet even though she was totally uncomfortable kneeling in front of Ah San with a vibrating capsule in between her pussy lips. The strong and long vibrating mode is causing Rina to build mini waves inside her body while she was getting chocked by Ah San's throbbing dick. This is causing Rina to become more inconsistent in her sucking as she got very distracted by the vibrating.

With years of experience banging ah lians, Ah San knew what was going on inside this xiao mei mei in front of him. He held Rina's ponytail and pull out his dick, forming a long strain of saliva mixed with precum dripping down Rina's chin. Rina was trying to catch her breath panting, but Ah San grabbed her arm and pulled her up from her kneeling position.

As Rina was kneeling for a good 10mins, this sudden action by Ah San caused Rina's left leg to become very numb with a tingling sensation. Because of that, Rina almost lost her balance when she stood up suddenly but Ah San was quick to catch her around her waist, turning her around (with Rina's back facing him) and hug her tightly.

The numbing sensation from Rina's left leg was very sensitive and uncomfortable. She was trying her best not to make too many big movements and allow the tingling numb sensation to subside but Ah San totally ignored her. Hugging her close with one arm around her waist, he quickly slid his other hand inside Rina's skirt and into her panty to finger her.

Rina: Eerrhhh fuck...

Rina's body tightened as she tried to struggle but was helpless. Ah San with his experienced finger, increased the pace of his fingering, pushing the capsule deeper into Rina's pussy.

Rina: Errhhhh ... Wait... Uhhhh...

Ah San was enjoying every moment of his attack on this young xiao mei mei. The inexperienced Rina caused him to laugh whenever her body tensed up when caught off guard.

Ah San: Song bo???? Hehehe...

Ah San wanted to bring this xiao mei mei to climax. He took a deep breath smelling her hair from behind, enjoying the fragrance of Rina's shampoo. He then bent lower to start licking her earlobe and increased his fingering speed. This caused the mini waves inside Rina to built up even more. Rina clenched her fists and grabbed tightly onto her skirt. Occasionally she tried to cover her mouth to muffle her soft moaning.

Rina: Uhhh... (breathing heavily) Mmmm err uhhhh...

She closed her legs together tightly clamping onto Ah San hand as her body tighten up even more. Ah San knew what was coming. He increased his speed and brought Rina to her first climax.

Tony and Candy started clapping as they were sitting at the nearby bed watching Rina reach her first climax. It was then that Rina remembered that Ah San was not the only one in the room. Tony and Candy had finished their deed and was lighting up a cigarette chilling and enjoying the free show. Rina started to feel shy and looked away, closing her eyes and panting, trying to catch her breath.

Clapping, whistle and cheer...

Tony: Wooo!! Steady pom pipi! So fast cum liao ar girl? HAHAHA

Ah San: Wa lan... Eh Tony, you won't believe how wet my hand is now lo. This one damn easy to handle man!

Rina was very sensitive by now but Ah San kept licking her earlobe causing her to instantly build up another climax in her body. Rina was trying to recover from her first climax and tried to get Ah San to stop fingering as it was a little too sensitive for her. But Ah San ignored her and kept on rubbing her pussy inside her panty.

Rina: Uhhh (still panting) Ok liao right?

Rina thought it was all over. She tried to break free but she didn't realize that Ah San hasn't even gotten started.

Ah San ignored her. He pulled down her panty causing the capsule to drop out from her panty and used his dick to slap upward onto Rina sensitive pussy.

Rina had not completely regained her full conscious from her orgasm. She didn't realize that it was a hard dick slapping her between her legs. She was only thinking of how to make as little movement as she can to allow her numbing left leg to recover from the tingling sensation.

Ah San adjusted his dick aiming at Rina's pussy. He pulled up Rina's skirt and hugged her tightly around her tiny waist, he then gave a sudden thrust and pierced into Rina's wet pussy.