Chapter 6

It was a ribbed textured Okamoto condom. Ah San wore the condom in front of Rina but Rina was too shy, looking away, not knowing what to do.

Ah San took a step closer after wearing the condom and hug Rina by her tiny waist with one arm, bringing Rina closer to him and reach his other hand under her skirt, into the panty and whisper into her ear," kar ni nar, lim peh ask you put it inside your cheebye not panty understand." As he was saying that, he squeezed the capsule lightly to turn on the vibrating mode and push it right into Rina's pussy.

Rina: Mmm.. uhh, wa liao eh...

Rina was shocked and quickly clamp her thighs together slightly but it was too late. She knew there's nothing she can do except to obey Ah San (her gina tao).

Ah San: Haha so hum chee... Ehh you know how to kum lan jiao or not?

Rina nodded her head but still looking away, avoiding eye contact with Ah San.

Ah San pressed Rina on her shoulder pushing her to kneel down.

Ah San: Ok la, don't say I not good. Lim peh give you an easy one. Just kum my lan jiao hor lim peh song ok?

Rina reluctantly got onto her knees and Ah San immediately used his dick to slap her face a few times. Rina quickly tried to avoid it and hold Ah San dick with her hand, she looked up at him and stared with an unhappy face.

Ah San: See what see?? Ang chua? Buay song ar?

Rina quickly looked away and said: Mei you.

Ah San: Ehh open your button let me see leh.

Rina had no choice but reluctantly unbuttoned her school blouse, slowly revealing her sky blue polka dots bra underneath. She left the bottom last 2 buttons on, but the opening was enough for Ah San to see her cleavage clearly.

Ah San used his dick to slap Rina's face again, this time Rina quickly tried to grab it to avoid it from touching her face. She looked up at Ah San and started to gently stroke it.

Ah San's dick started to grow harder in Rina's soft hands.

Rina really hates it when people touch her face. She feels disgusted especially when Ah San slapped her face with his dick.

Rina started rubbing Ah San's dick back and forth slowly in her soft hand, Rina looked up at Ah San hoping that she's doing it all well, but the experienced Ah San seems unsatisfied.

Ah San: Eh xiao mei mei, u know what is a blowjob or not? Lim Peh asked you to kum with your mouth leh not use your hands ok.

Ah San tried to force his dick towards Rina's face. Feeling disgusted, Rina quickly tried to shift a bit backward to keep the distance but Ah San caught hold of her ponytail and slap his dick across her pretty face. Rina had no choice but to open her mouth and take it in. Ah San held on tightly to Rina's ponytail and tried to move her head back and forth slowly guiding this inexperience syt. He was controlling Rina's head and occasionally banged the side wall of her inner cheek while controlling her head movement by grabbing her ponytail.

Rina wasn't pleased with the situation she got herself into. She tried to press her hands onto Ah San's hips constantly trying to push his hips backward to prevent him from deep throating her. It was very uncomfortable for her and the vibrating capsule inside her pussy was making the situation worse for her.