Chapter 5

Vincent walked into the house and signaled Candy to follow him into the room.

Rina was left alone sitting on the sofa as Ah San was still outside smoking. After a few mins later, Ah San walked into the house and closed the main gate and door behind him. The living room suddenly became very dim.

Ah San walked toward Rina and sat beside her, placing one hand on her thighs. Rina tried to keep her cool and did not push away his hand. She just crossed her legs and rest her hands on her skirt making sure that she doesn't expose herself too much. Ah San asked Rina again making sure that she was well aware of what she was supposed to do. They started having some small talk, mainly with Ah San asking about Rina past experiences.

Ah San: You ok bo?

Rina acted cool and just faked a weak smile.

Ah San: First time ar?

Rina: Of course not.

Ah San: Ohh last time got play with ex-boyfriend ah?

Rina: Yeah a few times la but usually we just heavy petting nia...

Ah San: Ok la, heng. Lim peh don't like virgins.

Ah San pulled Rina's arm as he stood up from the sofa and hold her by the waist and walked into the room joining Vincent and Candy. Rina could feel her stomach churning from fear within.

Upon entering the room, Rina was shocked to see Vincent only in a polo tee and Candy stripped down to her bra laying on the bed in some hot action. Vincent was standing by the side of the bed with his dick inside Candy's mouth while he fingered her pussy.

There were 2 single beds in there but Ah san did not bring Rina onto the vacant bed. Instead, he brought Rina towards a drawer at the corner of the room and took out a small capsule vibrator from the drawer. He passed it to Rina and instructed her to put it inside her pussy.

Rina sighed and took it, then she turned around and quickly reach her hand under her skirt and tuck the capsule into her panty. When Rina turned back around, Ah San was already naked. He was tearing open a box of condoms which he bought from 7-11 earlier.